A Frederick Photographer Redefining Beauty

I recently interviewed a Frederick Photographer who caught my interest. Among the myriad of photographers, Cindy Alderton, of Cindy Alderton Photography, has created a thriving business surrounding a growing niche: Boudoir Photography. Now, before your mind fills with images of scantily clad girls with angel wings and stilettos, read on…

Cindy Alderton Photography
“Boudoir Photography is more about empowering women and helping them feel beautiful and confident than it is about anything else,” Cindy explained to me. “Remove from your mind those cheesy, big hair, over-made-up 80’s glamor shots.  This is classy, positive and sexy, all at the same time.”

Redefining Beauty

Cindy believes that every woman has her own unique beauty. “Part of my job is to help them believe that they are beautiful – sometimes they forget.” Her clients include brides-to-be and married women, who create gift books for their anniversary, mothers-to-be, breast cancer survivors, female soldiers who want to remember that they’re girls, and, poignantly, women recovering from abuse. My heart was completely moved by a story Cindy told me of a woman who had been sexually abused:

  • Even though it had been 10 years, the woman, lets call her Jane, had continued to suffer. She’d gained weight, she’d lost her husband and had become estranged from her mother. Jane had recently found someone who really loved her, and met with Cindy to put together a photo album as a gift to him. Later, when she received the photos in the mail, she called Cindy in tears. “I’d lost touch with the fact that I am beautiful.” The next day Cindy received a call from Jane’s husband, saying thank you, and “I can’t believe someone wonderful like Jane loves me so much.”

The Romance of Photography

“The more women I meet, the more I realize that we are all struggling with self-image. The media bombards us with a definition of beauty that’s not real, and creates a weird psychology in our culture about weight and looks,” Explains Cindy, who is determined to enhance the beauty that every woman possesses.

Creative And Flexible Packages

Cindy has several packages ranging from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, with different products, from albums, calendars, and wall art. She has several fun ideas in the making, which she will be featuring soon on her blog. Sessions with Cindy are like a “big girl play date” with a core of experts in hair and make-up lending a hand.

Visit Cindy’s website: Cindy Alderton PhotographyFrederick PhotographyIntimate Boudoir Images and Beautiful Portraits for Women

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  1. Cindy blows my mind! She can capture more than beauty, she captures truth. Simply amazing.

  2. Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words for Cindy… She is indeed remarkable!

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