A Good Haircut And A Good Conversation

A good haircut can be hard to come by. and most of the time I’d like to have a conversation instead of being forced to stare at my mug in a mirror while I’m cut off from my phone for half an hour. Talk about torture!

Luckily, Frederick is the kind of town where you can find a place with all of the above. East Patrick Barber Shop is, as the name suggests, located on the north side of Frederick Barber ShopEast Patrick St in downtown Frederick. I decided to pop in yesterday to get my shaggy scalp trimmed. Seeing as my dad has been a patron for a while now, I figured they’d do a better job than I could with some safety scissors after a beer or two. ôô

Truth be told, it’s quaint once you go inside. Plain white walls and a few chairs, and four classic barbers chairs along a wall of mirrors. It was later in the day when I arrived, so the place was empty except for the two guys sitting in the farthest chairs watching tv. When I walked in the first thing I was asked by the owner, who’s name I came to find out was David, was “How’s your day? Need a cut?” Straight down to business, but personable. I liked that.

I sat down in one of the chairs and started talking with David and his employee about what drew him to Frederick. “Location.” David told me. “There’s a lot of foot traffic and we get a lot of regulars in here.”

In the half hour I was in my chair being expertly trimmed by John, David had three of his regulars come in for shaves and trims. Everyone knew that they would get exactly what they wanted without even asking, and David is every bit the expert that his 11 years of experience suggest.

After cutting hair in a few other shops, David decided to open up his own place here in Frederick. Our city is a draw for hardworking entrepreneurs like David. East Patrick Barber Shop is a great addition to the downtown businesses.

This August will mark his second year in downtown Frederick. I would highly recommend stopping in for a trim and a shave. They’ve earned my patronage and I have no doubt I’ll be back again. Once my hair gets too shaggy to see out from under.

— Brandon


Brandon Highland is a licensed real estate agent with the Highland Group, associates at eXp Realty. Brandon specializes in technology for real estate and social media marketing. As a contributor for 365 Frederick, he shares his love of Frederick from a 20-something perspective, adding a new dimension for our readers.

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