A Passion for Good Wine

When we visited Viniferous:  World Wines and Craft Beers, at 227 N. Market Street, it had only been open for 11 weeks.  Even so, owner Bob Kannor had a very nice selection.  The shop is beautifully set up, with lighted shelves to showcase the wines and artwork on the exposed brick walls.  A very nice addition to downtown Frederick.

Viniferous in Frederick Md

After traveling at home and abroad, relocating to Frederick with Bechtel, and retiring in our beloved city, Bob decided he couldn’t get good wine affordably, so he opened his own shop.   Downtown folks are happy to see him.

Bob Kannor is passionate about good wine, and stocks his shelves with what he loves.  Yes, he has tried every bottle in the store.  Impressive!

I was pleased to find he’s also a foodie, and is full of ideas to help you choose a wine to compliment your menu.  I was happy to take advantage of his knowledge in that department.  My husband grills a fantastic steak, and Bob’s suggestion of a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon was the perfect accompaniment.  Thanks Bob!

I also appreciate the fact that Bob is NOT a wine snob.  He speaks perfectly good English like the rest of us, so you don’t have to be worried about being intimidated by fancy terms like, Tannins, and Malolactic fermentation. (Yes, I had to look these terms up, and I found that knowing what Tannins are still didn’t make my wine taste better or worse 🙂

If you’re downtown, be sure to check out a great wine store and a passionate wine lover.  Don’t be shy about getting his suggestions, either.

My next trip in will be to check out the Craft Beers!  Become a fan of Viniferous: World Wines and Craft Beers on Facebook.  Phone:  301-378-0772

Enjoy, Karen



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Karen Highland

I'm a real estate agent, real estate blogger, communications director, a wife, mom (empty nest - yay!), dog-lover, and wine-lover. Frederick Md is a great place to live, work and brag about! The Highland Group. 301-401-5119 Google


  1. Great job on the blog and photos.

  2. Leslie Metzger

    Fabulous article and pictures, Bob. Jim says that it’s time to open your second store. Also time to mentor individuals who are interested in your field so that you can get some time off. Hey, you can “charge” them and use them as “interns”. Think of it! A little bit more money just to pass on some knowledge. Of course, your pupils would have to sign a non compete clause! Love ya, Leslie
    It’s so cool to see the wonderful design you have come up with.

  3. Hi Bob, I just read the article about your store opening. Terrific news! You were talking about this in Idaho; maybe just did not know it would someday lead to opening your own store.
    We are thrilled for you and Deb. Congratulations and continued success.

    Adare Brown & Bob Grane

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