Advocates for Homeless Families Makes the News!

Advocates for Homeless Families Highlighted in the News

The local non-profit Advocates for Homeless Families does much needed work here in Frederick Md. They achieve outstanding results by giving people a handup, not a handout. If you’re looking for an easy way to support AHF, here is your chance!

Advocates for Homeless FamiliesAdvocates for Homeless Families makes the grant news! A recent article in, an online newspaper for non-profit and business leaders, has given the organization the opportunity to receive grant moneys that will help with their costs. Here’s how it works:

National advertising is based on the number of hits in the comment section below an article. They figure that few hits mean nobody cares about the story they are running; your ad money drops and so on. But if the comments keep coming, the ad money keeps coming. All national news services work the same way.

How Can I Help?

This one is pretty easy…you can do two things:

  1. Go to the article: Transitional Housing Program Enjoys 95% Success Rate, scroll down and make a comment. Easy-Peasy!
  2. Share the article with a friend, or on Facebook, or twitter, etc. and ask for comments.

The Advocates story on is a great opportunity to do something easy to help this organization do more great work. Pennies add up!

About Advocates for Homeless Families

If you’d like to do more, donate here => ttp:// If you or your family needs help from Advocates, please contact them at 301-662-2003. Christmas is a great time to remember all that we have and be thankful. And its a good time to support those who are not as fortunate.

Since 1988 Advocates for Homeless Families (AFHF) has provided Transitional Housing to homeless families who desire to achieve stable and independent living. The organization also, through its Families Forward Program, serves families who are at-risk of becoming homeless and supports them in maintaining their self-sustainability and improving their standard of living. Both programs provide families individualized case management and weekly Life Skills Workshops.

Annually AFHF provides housing and support services to an average of 90 – 100 adults and children representing 13,505 bed nights. AFHF family graduates, after one year of completing their program, have remained in stable housing and are either employed full-time and/or pursuing educational goals.

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