ALDI Gives Back in Frederick MD

The ALDI warehouse, located on Gas House Pike in Frederick Md has recently announced that it will donate a portion of their land to the Archaeological Conservancy. The land contains a 14th century archeological site that contains the historic Rosenstock Village.

Rosenstock is part of a cultural complex that archaeologists refer to as the Montgomery Complex, which includes a group of Late Woodland village sites that stretch along the Potomac River and it’s major tributaries, in this case, the Monocacy River. The village on the Rosenstock site is believed to have been inhabited between 1300 and 1450 AD.

“We are pleased to donate the land adjoining to our Frederick distribution center, which includes part of the Rosenstock site, to the Archaeological sites,” said Jeff Baehr, ALDI Frederick division vice president. “ALDI recognizes the importance of preserving archaeological artifacts that can be used toward scientific research and education, and we hope that scholars and students will continue to learn more about this important historic site.”

Because historically significant private property in the United States is not protected from destruction, even if it is on the Historic National Register, the property transfer of the Rosenstock site is significant.  The City of Frederick partnered with the Archaeological Conservancy and ALDI on the property transaction approval process to help make this project possible.

Wonderful news for the further study and care of Archaeological Sites! Well done, ALDI.

Learn more about the Archaeological Conservancy at their website, or on their Facebook Page.

I wonder if it will ever be open to the public? I’ll keep my ears open on that subject.


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