Are You a Chocoholic?

If you’re a chocoholic within 100 miles of Frederick, you probably already know about this little treasure of a chocolate shop called Zoës in downtown Frederick.  But for those of you who might have missed it, this is that quintessential confection that is artisan chocolate, at its finest.

Yes, pull out your thesaurus, because I need the very best vocabulary to describe these divinely inspired confections.Zoes Chocolate

The flavor choices are numerous, so you’re better off if you just realize you can’t satisfy your curiosity in one visit.  Yes, you’ll have to come back often, just to be fair to all the choices in the counter.

The traditional varieties you’re used to are there, like the turtles, the nut clusters, the cream-filled, the nuegats, the coconut, and the peanut butter-filled.  The butter toffee for those who might not love chocolate, (although I’ll never understand that).  The chewy caramel is great.  And they have milk chocolate and dark chocolate in most varieties.

Then there are the signature line of chocolates, like the Aegean Pistachio (my favorite), the Tahini, Dionysus Baklava, and Persephone’s Pomegranate.  The raspberry filled (my other favorite), and the chocolate-covered Oreo (my other favorite) are also good.  I’m sure the banana-filled will be a favorite, too, but I need to go back another time to try it 🙂

You might have guessed that the owners of Zoës are Greek.  George Tsoukatos and his family came to the U.S. in the early 1970’s, following other family members who had come in 1902, all chocolatiers.  George Tsoukatos was the Chocolatier for the Candy Kitchen for all these years, and after leaving 5 years ago, his 3 children decided it wasn’t time to close up shop yet.  Pantelis, Zoë, and Petros came home to help George in the business.

In 2007, they opened Zoës Chocolate.  They returned to the facility in Waynesboro, PA, to continue the legacy of traditional chocolate making.  High quality products, the finest imported chocolate and traditional hand-made skill are married with today’s trends and flavors to create a truly heavenly confection.  After many requests from Frederick fans they opened the shop at 121A North Market Street almost a year ago.  Happy Day.

Pantelis tells me that they have tours of the factory in Waynesboro, and one of these days, I’m going to make the 45 minute trip.  Anyone want to join me?

You can also check out their website to read their story, order some chocolates and join their mailing list.  Maybe order a Mother’s Day Gift.    Be sure to stop in on your next visit downtown, and bring your sweet-tooth.





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