Bicycle Cabs ~ The Green Way to Get-A-Round in Frederick

Getting Around in Downtown Frederick

UPDATE: Since writing this the pedicabs are no longer in service. So Sad! I wish they would come back šŸ™

Getting around in downtown Frederick has become a greener prospect for the last 3 years. If you’re in the Historic District for a leisurely afternoon, taking a pedi-cab is a great way to slow down and see some of our beautiful city. If you’re shopping, dining or sight-seeing, or enjoying a First Saturday event, you’ll enjoy a pedi-cab.

Bike Taxi in Historic District Frederick

MacFawn Green Rides is the brain-child of Kenneth MacFawn, a native of Frederick. After traveling to many larger cities for his job in marketing, Kenneth saw bicycle cab companies in lots of places. He wondered if it would work in Frederick, a small city/large town.

As he watched the opening of Oakdale High School and the re-opening of his Alma-mater, Linganore High School, he realized that Frederick had grown a lot. Grown to a size that would support his idea of a green business. InĀ  2010, he purchased 4 pedi-cabs and set up shop.

In the beginning, the idea was new, so he offered free rides along the downtown streets. As the popularity of pedi-cabs grew, Kenneth has grown to 10 cab drivers and would like to hire more!

For $2 a ride, passengers can go anywhere in downtown Frederick… and of course, tips are appreciated:) Just text a message toĀ  (301) 246-2221, tell them where you are!

Frederick Md Pedicab

Most of the cab drivers heard of MacFawn through word of mouth. I enjoyed a nice ride down Market StreetĀ  with a very nice and capable cabbie, Will Lopez. Will is a native of Frederick, now studying Music at Shepherd University. When he came home for the summer, he had difficulty finding a summer job, there just weren’t any available. He found the McFawn Pedicab Facebook page and messaged them. After checking out his driving record, he got the job.Ā  He’s beenĀ  driving (peddling?) for a month and is happy to earn money for college.

Will has found Frederick drivers to be respectful and courteous, and hasn’t had any incidences in his career as a bike cabbie. He’s having a good time, meeting people and getting in shape;Ā  he even thinks he’ll be in great shape for the Zombie Battle Week when he get’s back to Shepherd in September!

You can “like” MacFawn’s Green Rides on Facebook .

Enjoy this short clip of our downtown Frederick pedicab ride:

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