Carroll Creek Linear Park

Carroll Creek Linear Park

After Hurricane Agnes raged through Maryland in 1976, downtown Frederick was left under as much as 3 feet of water in some places. With the downtown area shut down for months, city planners began working on the Carroll Creek flood control project, which took 30 years to come to fruition. The plan successfully put the creek underground in 1993, with a waist-deep 1.3 mile channel waterway with concrete banks 40 feet wide. Today we have the beautiful Carroll Creek Linear Park through downtown Frederick.

Carroll Creek Project in Baker Park

Carroll Creek Flood Control Project in Baker Park

The $60 million flood control project made Carroll Creek Linear Park possible with its brick walkways, many bridges, fountains and sculptures. The first phase of the park, from Court Street to Carroll Street, was Downtown Frederick Md Sidewalk Artcompleted in 2006, costing $10.6 million.

Carroll Creek Linear Park has revitalized the downtown area with brick pedestrian paths, water features, planters with shade trees and plantings, pedestrian bridges and a 350-seat amphitheater. Over 73,000 square feet of commercial space has been built along the finished area of the park, creating and estimated 1500 jobs and $2.7 million in annual tax revenue for the City and the County.

Finishing Carroll Creek Linear Park

The second phase will extend from Carroll Street to Highland Street, and awaits updated cost estimates and plans before the work begins. In 2008 the estimate to finish the final phase was $10 million. The new estimate is $12 million.

The Maryland State Highway Administration offered a $3 million matching grant in 2007 to complete Carroll Creek Linear Park, which as had 3 extensions since. The city must complete the park design and send the plan out to bid by June 15, 2012 to receive all of the grant money. As recently as January 2011, City Alderman have committed to raising the money necessary to complete the final phase of the park.

Several developers are waiting for the completion of the park, including Wormald Builders and Douglas Development. The property planned for MacRo’s Carroll Creek Downtown Frederickfuture mixed use office and retail space is on the market. McCutcheon’s Apple Products Inc. plans to build 34,000 square feet along the creek for retail, restaurant and other uses. Finishing the last phase of Carroll Creek Park will help developers get the financing needed for their building projects.

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Carroll Creek Park Suspension Bridge

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