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Computers are a mystery to most of us. Everything except the pointing and clicking,  anyway. But most of us depend on computers for work everyday, and for social networking most days. When my computer gets sick, I not only lose productivity, I find myself over my head trying to fix it and end up frustrated enough to want to throw it through the window. [I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment, either:]

Computer Services in Frederick Md

I had the pleasure of interviewing an industrious man who has been working hard for 9 years, providing excellent customer service for computer users in Frederick. Van Jacobs is the owner of It Needs Help, a computer services company that specializes in home and small business support. (formerly Techknowbutler)

Van Jacobs describes himself as “a hands-on guy”, someone who has always tinkered with things, trying to figure them out. A native of Frederick, he held several jobs in the area while growing up, attended FCC and played soccer there. In his early 20’s he attended a tech school and got a job with a small tech start-up, first at the reception desk. When the boss discovered his technical abilities, he moved into the tech department, training salespeople. When they needed a new Tech Liaison to their College clientele, Van was promoted. At the age of 22 he oversaw the computer systems of several colleges.

Owner of Techknowbutler in Frederick Md

Van Jacobs

Owner Van Jacobs

“It needs Help”

Van Jacobs Owner of Techknowbutler

Frederick Md

When the company got an infusion of investment cash and continued on a rapid-paced growth path, Van saw the quality decline and saw the proverbial handwriting on the wall. Believing that the quality of his own work was important, Van quit and began free-lancing. After gaining experience with the technical aspects, the training, customer service and vendor relations, Van had all the skills he needed to start his own business and it wasn’t long before he and a few friends started a computer services business. A few name changes and 9 years later, Van’s reputation for service and quality has been his much deserved reward.

As Van discussed his business experience and philosophy with me, I was impressed with the fact that he has that rare mix of technical abilities and people skills, two personality traits that don’t often come together. He realizes that this combination is the strength of his business and is what engenders trust from his loyal clients, one so loyal that she still relies on It Needs Help’s remote help for her computer needs even though she moved to London!

“The Computer Business IS The People Business”

Van’s keen business sense was very evident to me. For nine years he has listened to his business clients as they describe their businesses and their unique computer needs. He has stored away that knowledge and has become a trusted adviser to many of his business clients, trusted not only to wire together a network, but to design one that uniquely fits their business model. For Van, trust is everything, and the fact that 95% of their business is from referrals is strong evidence that they have earned a lot of it from their Frederick clients.

Forward Thinking For The Future of Computer Technology

As computers and handhelds are becoming less expensive and more disposable, It Needs Help is meeting the change by offering services that will be increasingly in demand. Van sees a gradual change in the near future from what he calls a “broke-fix” service to a “setup-transfer” service. Viruses will be in decline with handhelds (yay!) and optimization and information transfer will be necessary as people switch and experiment with all the new products we will be able to choose from.Techknowbutler in Frederick Md

Trust is Everything

In past experiences with computer repair companies, I’ve often felt insecure and somewhat vulnerable because I know so little about computers. While you’re in over your head, you never know whether you are surrounded by sharks or dolphins. Truth be told, I don’t want to learn more about the inner workings of computers, I just want to know there is someone to trust with my computer issues. So glad to meet you Van & company!

It Needs Help
(Located inside the indoor sports center)
1845 Brookfield Ct.
Frederick, MD  21701
Tech Direct: 240-415-4357
Office: 240-215-3622 (call for appointment)

Home & Business, Upgrades & Repair, Virus Removal, Networking, Data Recovery, General Tech Consulting. Discount for Service Members ♥  Free Diagnostics

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Best Computing Wishes to you! Karen

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  1. I just took my computer in and they did a good job, timely and reasonable. I really like that they communicate well. I appreciate their patience and listening skills with this non-techie!

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