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Thanks to Sarah Withers, a Frederick Foodie and frequent blogger of all things Food and Frederick, 365 Frederick will now have a periodic review of Frederick Restaurants. [Look for Sarah’s reviews on the top right menu tab “Dining Out in Frederick”]. There are so many great restaurants, so let’s begin exploring at Griff’s Landing:

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Frederick is becoming quite the dining destination with over 30 eateries in the downtown area alone; there truly is something for every taste and budget. I am so excited to be guest posting on 365 Frederick today and I hope you enjoy!

Griff’s Landing,

During football season, some friends and I are regulars at the Greene Turtle on Sundays. Living downtown, I have to walk by Griff’s Landing every time I’m headed to watch the Raven’s play (yup, that’s right) and I’d always be distracted by their sign about brunch and the scents wafting out of the usually open door. I’ve heard people enjoyed the food, but I’ve never really thought about eating at Griff’s Landing until Frederick Magazine advertised a 2-for-1 coupon in their February issue. (The adjoining Tiki Room is usually a good late nightspot for dancing though.)

Dining Out in Frederick Md     Dining Out in Frederick Md






The boyfriend and I headed there for lunch on President’s Day, and we weren’t the only ones with that idea. The small dining area had about 5 other parties enjoying lunch when we arrived. Now, I’ve never paid much attention to the decor in the Tiki Room but the Seafood Galley looked the part with ocean colored walls and sea creature embellishments.

We had just finished up a three-hour drive home and were pretty hungry. Coconut Shrimp, Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese “Pops”, and Pan Asian Ahi Tuna Sliders sounded like a good way to start our meal. Now, I have a serious thing for Coconut Shrimp. I have to order it everywhere I see it. My favorite has always been the coconut shrimp from Red Lobster and very few other versions have come anywhere close to theirs. However, Griff’s version was great! There was a distinct coconut flavor in these bites (not always the case) and the mango and hot pepper sauce had a real nice kick.

Dining Out in Frederick Md       Dining Out in Frederick Md

The Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pops were OK. They didn’t have as much flavor as I would have liked. Maybe they need more cheese or some Old Bay … (Well, lets face it almost everything could use Old Bay.) They were served with a grain mustard.

Dining Out in Frederick Md       Griffs Landing Seafood

The Ahi Tuna Sliders were delicious and perfectly (non) cooked. We asked for them raw and that’s what we got, just barely seared on the outside. The spicy Asian sauce served on these minis really made them though.

I need to mention that we were really pleased with our waitress. She was really pleasant and delayed putting our actual sandwich orders in to the kitchen so we could leisurely enjoy our appetizers. It’s little things like that, that can make such a difference in a dining experience.

Dining Out in Frederick Md       Griffs Landing Pan Asian Ahi Tuna Slider

Griff’s Landing has become known for their overstuffed sandwiches and Dining Out in Frederick Mdwhen your sandwich arrives with a steak knife holding it together, you can’t really doubt its fullness.

I ordered the Capt’n Tugg. A fried cod sandwich served on an onion roll with American cheese, cole slaw, tomato sauce, bacon, lettuce and tomato. I didn’t realize there was tomato sauce on this until after I ordered it. (I was a little nervous.) Turns out that cole slaw and tomato sauce are quite tasty together.

Boyfriend ordered the Chicken Dip. A chicken breast topped with crab dip, cheddar cheese, lump crab, lettuce and tomato on a potato bun. It was pretty standard according to Rob but he was pleased with his choice. You can’t go wrong with crab dip and lump crab meat together on a sandwich.

Dining Out in Frederick Md       Griffs Landing Chicken Dip

Griff’s has been voted “Frederick’s Best” for its sandwich menu by Frederick Magazine in the past and this year they took third place in the Restaurant Best Service Category. After our lunch experience I’d agree with both of these accolades and I’d gladly recommend this restaurant to any one searching for a casual, reasonably priced lunch spot in downtown Frederick.

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More at Sarah’s Blog, Food and Frederick:

Food & Frederick is something along the lines of a food, travel and small-town lifestyle blog. There’s a lot of food (both home cooked and enjoyed out), a little travel, and commentary from the great little corner of world that is Frederick, MD. It is tended by Sarah Withers, a long-time Frederick resident (since 1998), who realized just how much of a gem her hometown was after college and she found herself living on Market Street. When it comes to food, well, she loves cooking it, eating it, serving it to others, learning about it, even traveling for it. Whatever skills she possesses in the kitchen are pretty much self-taught but learning-by-doing has always been her preference. Now, she doesn’t live on Market Street anymore (pretty darn close though) but she still thinks Frederick is a great place to live, eat, work, and play, and she feels pretty lucky to call it home.

Thanks so much Sarah, for our inaugural “Dining in Frederick” Post! The pictures are fantastic and make me hungry for some seafood! Looking forward to future posts in our “Dining Out in Frederick” Column.

Happy Dining Everyone! Karen

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