Frederick 48 – 48 Hours to Meet Needs

Frederick 48 – 48 Hours to Meet Needs

For the second time, Frederick 48 will be raising money for many of Downtown Frederick Angel MuralFrederick’s non-profit groups. On Thursday and Friday, September 26 and 27th, you can go to their website and pledge to support any of the participating charities who are doing the work to provide for many needy people in our community:

1. Youth at Risk
2. Those with overwhelming medical bills, and
3. The homeless or those on the verge of homelessness.

It’s a Giving Revolution

Matching funds have been pledged so every dollar donated by the community will go further. The Patty Pollatos Fund has volunteered to process all donations. Last year, our generous Frederick community raised over $300,000 for local non-profits. The list this year is:

Be sure to donate through the website Frederick 48 to get the matching funds!

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