Baker Park in Frederick Md

Baker Park in Frederick Md

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Baker Park is a 44 acre linear park in the center of Frederick Md, along Carroll Creek. The beautiful bell tower, The Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon Bell Tower,is the largest musical instrument in Maryland. One of 8 in Maryland, and one of 140 in the United States, the bell tower is named after a citizen of Frederick, Joseph D. Baker, who gave the land for Baker Park. The 70-foot bell tower was finished in 1941. It holds 49 bells and there is a carillon recital the first Sunday of the month at noon. The surrounding tower park is kept by the Frederick Garden Club.

The amphitheater is the location of live musical and theater performances. People and pets enjoy a walk along the paths, the many playgrounds and ball parks, and the tennis courts. The pool is also located in the park. Baker Park in Frederick Md is one of the best-known secrets of the community!

One of the highlights of Baker Park is Culler Lake, named for another prominent Frederick citizen, who served as mayor of Frederick from 1922 to 1931, and 1934 to 1940. Together, Joseph Baker and Lloyd Culler made the park possible.

The surrounding neighborhood boasts desirable homes in the Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Colonial style.

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  1. Hello:

    I was wondering if anyone had input about living in the Baker Park area and the quality of the public schools. Do most people living around the park have kids that attend Frederick High and West Frederick Middle, or do the majority go to private schools that live in the Rockwell Terrace area?

    Appreciate any insight.


  2. Great question, Steve. If anyone has info, please feel free to comment. I’ll do some research and see what I can come up with.
    Thanks for asking.

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