Frederick County’s Mental Health Association – More than I Expected

Frederick County Mental Health Association
–    It’s More Than Meets the Eye

Because of our Giving Point Project, here at eXp Realty, we have the opportunity to learn and share with many of the local non-profits in Frederick County. Did you know that our County is the headquarters for over 1500 non-profit organizations?

Every month we have an office meeting, we get to hear from a representative of a local charity, to hear and see what they are doing to make life easier for unfortunate people in Frederick County. This month, we heard from Niki Thrash, Outreach Coordinator of Frederick County Mental Health Association.

Providing Many Services to Frederick Residents

I can’t really say what I new about the Frederick County Mental Health Association, but it was a vague idea of counseling and coordinating programs to meet the needs of people with mental illness. I was surprised to learn that the Association provides many services to various people that I wasn’t aware of, and I’ll bet many Frederick residents aren’t aware of the wonderful work they do.

  • Programs to Support Parents. Parent education, family support services and supervised visitation and monitored transfer services.
  • Support for abused and neglected children. Trained volunteers serve as Advocates for children who need safe, loving environments.
  • Support, classes, activities and interactive programs for youth and children.
  • Assistance, training and physical resources for child care. In their new facility they have child-friendly facilities to provide a safe place for children during parental meetings and training sessions.
  • Counseling and facilitating counseling services, medical services and practical services for those with mental illness, to their families and children as well.
  • First Aid Training for the general public about how to help someone who is experiencing a mental health problem.
  • Public education.
  • Hotline. Hotline services are provided free of charge. 2-1-1 is currently available from most cell phones and land-lines. However, if you experience difficulties calling 2-1-1, you may access the identical service by calling 301-662-2255 or 1-866-411-6803 (outside of Frederick County).

This past year, the hotline received over 12,000 calls, 3200 of which were suicide calls. Hotline Call Specialists are available 24 hours a day and the hotline is certified by the American Association of Suicidology as a Crisis Intervention Program.

New Location

Due in part to a matching grant from the Ausherman Foundation and to private and government support, the Frederick County Mental Health Association recently purchased and moved to a new location, 226 South Jefferson Street, Frederick. The new larger facility meets many needs and provides much more space for the necessary services of the Association.

Giving to the Givers

As I’ve discovered from so many non-profits in Frederick, the funding they receive from government programs is usually earmarked. Like many other groups, the Mental Health Association appreciates public donations, as they come without conditions, and can be used on whatever the non-profit deems is necessary. Public donations  can be made here.

The Catoctin Affair

Or, if you want an excuse to party… er.. have fun and enjoy a great evening black-tie event, while the proceeds go to the Frederick County Mental Health Association, mark your calendar for April 13, 1213. The Catoctin Affair is the main event for the association. Several fabulous Frederick restaurants will be providing the food [free of charge, no less:] and there will be dancing, and an auction… you can bid on exotic vacations, VIP trips, awesome artwork and lots of special things.

Thanks To Those Who Give Back

There are so many caring people in organizations like the Frederick County Mental Health Association, providing much needed resources to people in need. Some people in our complicated society find themselves at the short end of the stick, so to speak, often through no fault of their own. I’m always amazed at what I find when I reach out to learn a little.

It does us all good to give these people our attention, our extra dollars, and our support. Even if it’s just a “like” on their Facebook page, or a “Thank You for your work”. They make a difference in our community, and give us many things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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