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The Frederick Foodbank

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Frederick Food Bank

The Frederick Foodbank is an integral program to the Frederick Community.  After a brief interview with Mike Spurrier, Director of the Community Action Agency in Frederick Md, a post on the program seemed in order.

I was surprised to discover that between 600 and 800 families are served each month by the Foodbank. The Frederick Soup Kitchen, which is a different service, serves a free evening meal to anyone in need, serving more than 25,000 meals annually.

So where does all that food come from?  Many sources are responsible for keeping the food coming for Frederick’s needy people.  Private donations, churches and religious organizations, group sponsored events like the Boy Scout drive in September, and lots of surplus food from the USDA.  They even have donations of venison from individual hunters and hunter’s associations.  The Frederick community has proved very generous over the nearly 3 decades of the Foodbank’s service.

The Foodbank has a constant need for food throughout the year; there is no time that is busier than any other.  The neediest time, however, seems to be between the months of June and August.

The Foodbank was and Soup Kitchen are staffed by several city employees, including a full-time cook, and over 65 volunteers.  The Frederick County Community Action Agency was started in 1968, but the Foodbank and Soup Kitchen weren’t started until 1984 by a group of volunteers.

How Can I Help?

The website has a Needs List and volunteers are always welcome.  Call Sarah McAleavy, the Coordinator of Food and Nutrition Services at the number below. Donations can be delivered to the FCCA Foodbank at their 14 East All Saints Street facility.

FCAA Foodbank Program

George L. Shields Foodbank Facility

14 East All Saints Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Telephone: 301-600-6263

This is such an easy, do-able way to make a difference, especially during this time of year when we are surrounded with the spirit of giving.


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  1. Jeannette Hand

    In addition to the Food Bank and the Soup Kitchen, The Frederick Rescue Mission serves Breakfast and a Hot lunch 7 days a week, 365 Days a year!

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