Frederick History Bicycle Loop ~ Part 2

The weather in Frederick dipped to the low 80’s this weekend, prompting my second installment of the “Frederick History Bicycle Loop“. (continued from part 1) Once again, I didn’t get all the way through… I found some very interesting History on Record Street! Record Street is the 7th point of interest on the tour, right behind City Hall, the former County Court House.

This street was the place of the earliest record house, a repository for the Frederick County Courthouse. All along Record street are several historic buildings:

The Ramsey Home:The Ramsey Home in Frederick Md

U.S. Army General Hartsuff, a guest at the Ramsey House, was recuperating from wounds he received at Antietam, when he was visited by Abraham Lincoln in October 1862. Lincoln spoke at an impromptu gathering in front of the house.

Later that day, Lincoln made a speech at the B&O Railroad Station. Here’s a great article I found in the New York Times Archives titled: “The President in Frederick, The Ovation by the Citizens on His Return to Washington.”

The Ramsey Home and the Page Home, adjoining homes on Record Street.

Ramsey and Page Homes

The Page Home, the red brick home, is the home of William Tyler Page, best known for writing “The American’s Creed” in 1917, now part of the Naturalization Ceremony for new American Citizens. He is a descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Carter Braxton, and of the 10th President, President John Tyler. (The Page home just sold in February for $855,000.)

The Birthplace of William Tyler Page

The Birthplace of William Tyler Page

Tyler’s “Spite” House

A Spite House is “a building constructed or modified to irritate neighbors or other parties with land stakes.”
Tyler's Spite House

Now a lovely Bed & Breakfast, the Tyler Spite House was built by Dr. Samuel Tyler in 1813 , to prevent the proposed extension of Record Street that would allow traffic to go straight ahead to West Patrick Steet. Dr. Tyler built the home to prevent the street from going through next door to his house. This new home he rented out, he never lived in it. Some accounts say he quickly laid the foundation the day before the workmen showed up to start work on the road. Legend tells that the home is haunted.

112 Church St W, Frederick, MD 21701, The Tyler Spite home is currently on the market, listed for $1.55 million. Take the Virtual Tour and see the inside.

The Former Frederick County Public Library

Lastly, the former Frederick County Public Library, not particularly historic, but sentimentally so. 116 Record Street is the site of the former Frederick Library. C. Burr Artz Library served as the public library from 1938 to 1982.  The previous Frederick Academy building was razed to the ground to build the library in 1936.

116 Record Street

Stay tuned for the Third and (possibly?) final installment of the Frederick History Bicycle Loop!

Enjoy our beautiful, historical city!

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