In the Wings Theatre Summer Production of Godspell

New Summer Theatre Group in Frederick Md

A brand new theatre group will be performing a summer production this year, In the Wings Theatre, a mixed group of college students and high school students from the Frederick area. They will be performing Godspell next weekend, June 19 through June 21.

The group is primarily made up of Urbana High School Alumni, but is open to anyone interested in summer productions. In the Wings Theatre was incorporated by Producer Zak Holt, Urbana graduate, FCC graduate, and Univesity of Maryland Student. Zak’s inspiration is his Urbana High School theater teacher, Mary Lennon. I had an interview with Zak that about the theatre group and the upcoming production:

In the Wings Theatre

About a year ago, Zak was having dinner with his favorite theater teacher when they struck upon the idea of the summer theatre group. Like many theater lovers, Zak has stayed involved in local productions and has kept up with fellow actors. He noticed that most of the Urbana theater alumni were going to college, majoring in some aspect of education of the performing arts. Participating in summer theater would be a great benefit to these students in experience and as a resume builder.

After incorporating, Zak began the search for a venu. From previous productions, he had relationships with local theaters. He contacted a small blackbox theater on Industry Lane called Frederick LIVE! Theater. The 100- seat space is primarily occupied by ACT TOO! Theater Company, but is available for bookings by other groups.

The next step was to hold auditions. Word of mouth and a bit of social media resulted in a winning combination of talent, with a mix of Urbana graduates and local high school students, the group started rehearsing. I was thrilled to get a preview of them as they performed a number at the Frederick Festival of the Arts on Carroll Creek last weekend:

In the Wings Theatre Group

Performing at Frederick Festival of the Arts

The Play’s the Thing!

Zak and his director, Jake Young, chose Godspell for it’s versitility of parts and the ability for actors to interpret and build their characters. If you’ve seen the musical more than once, you’ve probably seen a unique and varied spin each time! Zak tells me the freedom for the actors is a plus for the group that are working hard this summer.

Having a mix of college students and high school students is also a plus, as those majoring in education will benefit from working with high school students, and high school students will benefit from learning from high school alumni.

The Dets:

Location:  Frederick LIVE! Theater, 5703 Industry Lane – Suite 104 Frederick, MD, 21703

Show Times:  Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th, 7:00 pm.  Sunday, June 21st, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Tickets:  Tickets can be purchasd at the door for $12; cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. You may want to call ahead and get tickets, seating is limited.

Find out more on the Facebook Events page: In the Wings Theatre Presents Godspell 

Like their Community Page: In the Wings Theatre LLC to keep informed about upcoming productions.

In the Wings Theatre presents Godspell

Support the Arts in Frederick:  Music, Performing Arts and Art 

June is full of great events in Frederick, as we celebrate the Arts the entire month. By supporting local artists, whether musician, dancer, visual artist or thespian, Frederick residents can promote the arts and help keep them alive.  In a day and age when school budgets are cut and stressed, and people have less time and energy to devote to art education, communities can come together to find ways to make up for this lack.

It’s long been known that artful expression and creativity, when nurtured and encouraged, are necessary for people to develop to their fullest. Many in the business community know this, and support of the arts is growing.

Americans for the Arts is a research and support organization with key findings on the roll of the arts in society. Their website is a great source of informtion with links to a multitude of sources, including sources of funding for local projects. Some findings I found interesting:

The arts are especially important for our children.  Students with an arts rich education:

  • Have better grade point averages
  • Score better on standardized tests in reading and math
  • Have lower dropout rates

And for adults:

  • Several studies report improvements in cognitive function and self-reported quality of life for older adults who engage in the arts and creative activities, compared to those who do not.
  • Older adults participating in a chorale program reported higher overall physical health, fewer doctor visits, less medication use, fewer instances of falls, and fewer health problems when compared to a control group.

Supporting and participating in the ARTS is a great way to live longer and healthier! And Frederick is certainly a great place to do just that.

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