Keeping Hope Alive Here in Frederick County

Team H.O.P.E. is Keeping Hope Alive in Frederick County

Team H.O.P.E. has been making a difference here in Frederick County for 5 years, raising money and networking with local healthcare professionals to provide breast health care for women and men. These ladies are responsible for raising $230,000 to date. Their passion is both Team Hope Frederick Mdimpressive and inspiring!

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Vicky Weldon, one of the founders of Team H.O.P.E. The story she shared with me is heartwarming and is so typical of the many people I meet who want to make a difference here in Frederick. Vicky, herself a survivor of breast cancer, has unending energy and excitement for the vision and purpose of the charity.

Keeping it Local

Team H.O.P.E. is dedicated to raising money to provide preventative screening and testing for Breast Cancer.  Originally, the group raised money for some national foundations through various fundraising activities. Their work over the years put them in touch with many local groups, including the Frederick County Cancer Coalition. They began to hear about the drying up of funds because of government and private cutbacks. They learned of the many needs in our own community that were going unmet.

So in 2011, they created a 501-(C) 3 non-profit organization and moved their focus from national fundraising organizations to our own local needs. Because of the relationships they had made here in Frederick County, they began to raise money to be used right here at home. Through networking with local organizations, many have come together to provide care for those who would otherwise be alone and without answers.

Through the Doris Marie Warthen Fund, in partnership with Community Radiology Associates, local doctors and the Frederick County Health Department, Team HOPE provides funding for any woman or man in Frederick County who is either under insured or has no insurance at all and is in need of a clinical breast exam, mammogram or sonogram.

Since late 2011, Team H.O.P.E. has provided for 222 women and 2 men in our community who otherwise would not have received help. That’s 224 people right here in Frederick who have received care.

What Can I Do To Help?

I knew you were going to ask! The biggest fundraiser that Team H.O.P.E. has during the year is coming up soon… June 12, 2013, is the 6th Annual Silent & Live Auction at Ceresville Mansion. There are some awesome items and services that have been donated.  There is still time to donate as well. You can find out more on their Facebook Page, or on their website.

Vicky Weldon is very passionate about helping people in Frederick County. She brought tears to my eyes as she shared how she felt God had saved her for this very purpose, to bring hope and help to people. She’s not shy about proclaiming it, and not shy about putting herself out there. Here is her contact information and she’s ready for a call or email from anyone who needs help. We’re so lucky to have people like Vicky and the ladies of T.E.A.M. Hope. ♥

HOPE… Help Open People’s Eyes

Read About T.E.A.M. Hope in the Frederick News Post

Vicky Weldon
Direct:  240-674-3352

P.S. I love to meet and write about passionate people, especially when they are loving the community in which they live! I’m inspired, and I often hear that you are too! Contact me about any local charity that can use some promotion.

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