Lawn Care For Frederick County Residents

Hav-A-Lawn And Garden, with headquarters in Myersville, Md, provides natural lawn care in Frederick and Washington Counties.  As a NaturaLawn® franchise, this company is set apart from the rest because of their understanding of organic treatments and care of the greater environment, which is affected by what we use on our lawns and farms.

Roy Good, Owner of Hav-A-Lawn and Garden

Roy Good, Owner of Hav-A-Lawn and Garden

Owner Roy Good has been in lawn care his entire career, and has been serving Frederick and Washington County homeowners and farmers since 1982.  Hav-A-Lawn and Garden provides a variety of services including natural and organic-based lawn care, outdoor pest control for trees and shrubs, and pasture management.

Christmas Decorating:  A Job for Professionals

An additional part of their business is their Christmas Decoration Service, for both businesses and homes. They offer several packages, all featuring energy-saving technologies, design consultation and professional installation. What a great idea for busy office managers and homeowners… No more climbing ladders and hammering nails into the wrong places!

Lawn Care That Embraces the 21st Century

Another thing that sets Roy Good’s company apart from the rest is his foresight in embracing online technology and social media.  They have an excellent website with lots of information in the “Learning Center” for homeowners to understand types of trees and shrubs,  pests and diseases.  Consumers can call, text or email, or even “like” Hav-A-Lawn and Garden on Facebook for tips, videos and updates.  You can sign up for their email newsletter, and yes, you can follow Hav-A-Lawn and Garden on Twitter, too. Hav-a-lawn & Garden Logo

Many consumers today engage with businesses online before they ever pick up a phone. Many of the customers of Hav-A-Lawn and Garden email the company for quotes. The employee will find out everything they need to know about the property through satellite images and Google maps, then email a quote back. Seemless.

While making his company more friendly and available to today’s technologically savvy consumer, Roy still holds to the traditional values of customer service that have made his company a continued success. “My customers depend on me like a utility,” says Roy.  “Frederick and Washington County customers are keepers.”

Well, Roy, they must think you’re a keeper too:)

Enjoy your Lawn, Karen

Hav-A-Lawn and Garden

9419 Myersville Road
Myersville, MD 21773
Mon-Fri 9 am – 5:30 




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