We Partied at Miller and Smith Model Homes at Aspen North in Lake Linganore

Bloggers Happy Hour at Aspen North in Lake Linganore

Last week, my friends and I partied at the model home in Aspen North, and guess what? We loved it! The innovative builders, Miller and Smith,  asked me to partner with them to host a cocktail party with my friends, at two model homes in Aspen North at Lake Linganore, and of course, I was happy to pretend for an evening that both gorgeous homes were mine!

We all enjoyed the delightful food from My Thyme Caterers and toured the model homes, while we lucked out with a break in the cold weather. Aspen North is easy to find, just turn west onto Eaglehead Drive (off of Boyers’ Mill Road) and they’re on the right, just short of a mile down the road. I already shared my impressions of the homes in my last post, so, as promised, here is what 17 of my friends thought of the Calahan model and the Silverton model

How We Live

Many of today’s home designs have embraced a more open floor plan. Many families enjoy an open concept, especially in the kitchen. The way we live today is often less formal than the way we did a generation ago. We like a kitchen where mom and dad can prepare dinner while watching the kids do homework, or the kids can easily join in the food prep without everyone being cramped in a small space. Most cooks today enjoy being able to be with their family or guests while they prepare the meal. The floor plans at Aspen North do a great job of answering that desire for “togetherness” in the living spaces.

  • She Said: “I can see raising a family in the Silverton model. Room to grow and expand and room to entertain. Sandee (with adorable newborn in tow:)
  • He Said: “Me and my family, our friends, my dog…we’d all be happy to hang out here in the Silverton Model.” Peter 

How We Entertain

  • She Said: “I love to entertain. This dining room in the Calahan is perfect for a gathering I would have…after dinner, we would clear the table, open up the door to the front porch, sit around with our coffee or wine and enjoy each other and the night.” Kim
  • He Said: “The rec room in the basement of the Silverton would be my man-cave! After an afternoon of watching the game or playing pool, we’d sit on the deck, smoking cigars and watch the sunset.” Bob, Kim, Chris, Eric and Peter…well they all said their own version of the same thing!

Bringing the Outdoors In

Especially in a community like Lake Linganore, homeowners love the trend of bringing the outdoors in. In both models outdoor living elements are easily incorporated into the rooms. Large windows were a favorite of everyone, as well as the patios, decks and porches.

  • He Said: “Since I love to grill, I would be grilling on the patio at the Calahan model every night. (to which she said, yesss!) The open kitchen/dining layout is perfect for the way we cook and eat on a typical night.” Chris
  • She Said: “It’s so beautiful in this neighborhood, I’ll just sit here on the patio while you cook my dinner…every night! If it’s too cold, I’ll gaze out these gorgeous windows.” Karen

Ok, I’m going to have to break in here and let you experience what everyone is talking about. Check out this walk-through high def video of the Silverton Model (filmed by my talented son;)

Click on the image to see slides of the Calahan Model

Aspen North Model

The Great Room

The Great Room has been common in home construction in the U.S. since the early 1990’s, and continues to be a beloved home feature. The combination of kitchen, dining and family room is accomplished in both Aspen North models; the Calahan is for those who like their lines blurred…the Silverton is for those who like their lines erased.

  • He Said: “The Silverton layout really fits the way a family like ours lives and entertains. We can have a party with a few families… the men can enjoy the man-cave, while the women socialize in the great room, and the teenagers can be upstairs enjoying that killer loft.” Eric
  • She Said: “I can see myself entertaining my friends in the Calahan. We can all hang out together. There is also this fabulous dining room that is open but separate, and the butler pantry is perfect.” Amy. (I guess Amy and Eric will have to buy both houses then! lol)

We All Have Stuff

The architects at Miller & Smith get it…we have stuff! We all need space to store it. Both the Calahan and the Silverton have storage galore. There are lots of kitchen cabinets and in the basement there are roomy closets. The clever entrance from the garage in the Silverton was a favorite of both men and women. There is space for shoes and backpacks, along with a walk-in closet to take care of a family’s everyday needs. And did I mention that killer master closet?!

  • She Said: “Ok, so Phil, you get one rack, while I get the rest. (To which he said, you still can’t fill it up, even with all your shoes!)” Jeannette
  • He Said: “The whole house is great! The canoe goes there, the motorcycle goes there, the golf clubs can go there…etc.” Phil (who also can’t fill it up, even with all his toys)
  • She Said: “The his and hers master closets are a must! And there’s plenty of storage for crafts.” Rhonda
  • He Said: “All I need is that man-cave!” Bob…and all the rest of the men present!

The Hillrose is the third model that Miller and Smith are building at Aspen North. You can check out the floor plan on the website.

The Miller and Smith homes are 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with 2-car garages that start at the mid 400s.  You can view the homes and floorplans to see which model would best fit your family. If you’re interested in more information visit: http://millerandsmith.com/virginia/manassas/signal-hill-station/

Here we are, enjoying my two (short-lived) homes…

party7 party6 party5 party4 party3 party2

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