Mt. Airy Dog Salon Makes a Happy Dog

Mt. Airy Dog Salon Makes a Dog Happy

We had the opportunity to check out a new small business in Mt. Airy, Happy Dog Grooming Salon, located on Ridgeville Road in Mt. Airy, Md. Let me just say, our dog left the salon a very happy pup.

Laura and James Holt, long-time residents of Mt. Airy, just opened up the full service salon in mid-November. Happy Dog Grooming Salon falls between the garage/home groomer and the big box stores. Laura has been successful in magically merging the friendly, cozy atmosphere of the former with the professionalism of the latter.

Stress-Free + Happy Dog = Happy Puppy Parents

“We’re creating an environment for our customers and their furry family members where they can have a happy, less stressful grooming experience,” explains Laura. It’s a winning formula. Laura and James are life-long dog lovers, owners of five happy dogs themselves, “god-parents” to two and “aunt and uncle” to another.

To those of us who understand the love of a fur-child, keeping them clean and healthy without the stress is a big deal. In our case, a 90-pound Boxer big deal… We couldn’t help but make a goofy video of our fur-child enjoying himself after his “salon time” .  See for yourself:

In truth, the salon was empty so Laura let our boy run around like a maniac, not something that’s a usual occurrence. She used a special soap to minimize his itchy problems and it did a good job… not to mention he smelled great. [The human sibling-hugging has been full-on for days after the bath:]

Tag after his bathHappy Dog Groomers uses the best organic shampoos, even a special tear-free face soap, which worked well for our boy with his face wrinkles. Now they’re kissable again!

Best Wishes to Laura and James Holt at Happy Dog Grooming Salon! We’ll be back to visit again and our fur-child will be happy to see you:)

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Phone (301) 363-4406
Tue – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Happy dog Grooming Salon in Mt. Airy Md

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