Reporting Back: My Vicarious Journey to Shikoku

Several months ago I wrote a post about two brave adventurers who were traveling to the Japanese island of Shikoku to document their journey of 88 temples in the form of 88 handmade, hand bound books. The journey was funded through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, hence my “vicarious journey”. So here I am, reporting back: My Vicarious Journey to Shikoku.

A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Chelsea and Elayna set an initial goal of $7,000 to fund their 900 mile journey of 3 weeks. When they surpassed that amount in fundraising, they set a new goal of $14,000 with the intention of buying a better digital SLR camera for better quality photographs and video footage. The end result was $15, 345, tow sets of 88 books and multiple smaller prizes like prints on Japanese paper (washi) and various illustrations and stickers, as well as friendship bracelets.


With 32 updates on the Kickstarter page, it was really fun to keep up with them before, during and after the journey. The intrepid travelers wrote of their adventures and of the people they met, and they posted video footage of the trip.

After reading updates and seeing the videos, I’m so intrigued by the people, the land and the community they experienced. So many metaphors about how a journey is shared and relationships are built and deepened along the way.

I particularly love this beautiful video that Chelsea and Elayna put together showing the process of making Ikazaki Paper, a little more than 5 minutes:


This is a short impression of their trek around Shikoku:


And here is the process of hand-binding the books:

If you want to read more and see more beautiful pictures and videos, you will love reading their Home Page, Big Rice Field, and their Kickstarter blog.

Shikoku Temple

I’m looking forward to hearing about the next journey. My new friends are brainstorming as I write!

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