Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth with A Bit of Nostalgia

Sweet Memories has gone out of business.

Sweet Memories is an “Old Fashioned Nostalgic Candies” shop that just opened up a few weeks ago in downtown Frederick.  Located at 43 East Patrick Street, the Historic District is the perfect place for this sweet little shop.  From the vintage tin art on the walls, like Wonder Woman and the Wizard of Oz, to barrels and barrels of old-fashioned candy, its like a walk through time to the neighborhood candy shop of my childhood.Sweet Memories Candy Shop in Downtown Frederick

I found some of my favorite childhood candies, from Sugar Daddies, Clark Bars, and 24 flavors of taffee that I haven’t seen in years.  As I was strolling through the aisles, I was transported back to different times in my childhood when I would discover a “new favorite” candy.  I remembered my 2nd grade year when I would wear candy bracelets, and the year I pulled a filling loose on too many Mary Janes.  There was the time in 4th grade where we spent great parts of our recess hour trading the latest wax lips or wax bottles.  The barrell of orange marshmallow peanuts were a tender reminder of my Granny, who used to have a bag waiting for us on every visit.  What innocent fun.

Christina Utz and partner Douglas Chase are the owners of this delightful shop, but Christina’s daughter Ashley, soon to be a senior at Linganore High School, is the real spark behind the endeavor;  she’s the one that finally pushed Christina over the edge of dreaming to doing.

After 20 years in an executive career, Christina got layed off.  Like many in this present economy, she sent out her resume, applied for hundreds of jobs, and waited.  After several months of no response, she started to give thought to owning her own business.

Having moved to Maryland from San Francisco several years ago, she and Ashley had fond memories of a candy shop at Pier 39.  Ashley finally suggested, “Why not open a candy shop here in Frederick like the one we love so much in San Francisco?”  That’s how Sweet Memories came to the Historic Frederick, and I, for one am thankful that it’s here.

Christina and Ashley have great ideas for candy centerpieces, gift baskets, party gift bags, and the latest trend for weddings, candy buffets, …yum!  Ashley has a bead on what teenager’s favorite candies are and has put together some cute graduation centerpieces.

Whatever your age or the occasion, you’ll want to come in for a nostalgic remedy to your sweet tooth!

Check out Sweet Memories in the Historic District, and become a Fan on Facebook.

Enjoy, Karen


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  1. I’m loving it!!!

  2. Looks great! I look forward to visiting!

  3. Christina,
    Enjoyed the article very much. We go back quite a ways so I am glad to see you landed on your feet. I want to wish you and Doug the best on your success and looking forward to stopping by soon.

    Sherman C.

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