That Cuban Place: Great Caribbean Food

I’ve driven by that electrifying orange door on Market Street many times.  Until I finally stepped in, I didn’t know that I loved Cuban/Caribbean food!   It’s That Cuban Place, or TCP Cafe.

The whimsical, vibrant colors on the outside stand out like nothing else on Market Street.  When you cross the neon orange threshold, the atmosphere inside is equally energetic, with murals stretching across the wall, salsa music enveloping you, and spirited conversation all around. Historic District Business

Alfredo and Narcisa have been dishing up great food since 2006, and have created an environment that makes you feel as if you’ve walked right into their kitchen at home.  The smells are wafting from behind the counter, and Alfredo says, “Hey, I hope you’re hungry, I’ll hook you up!”

Alfredo and Narcisa have managed to fuse Cuban and Panamanian food into one cuisine, and serve up some awesome Caribbean flavors.  Everything is made from scratch, from the pastries, the ceviche, to the breads and sauces, including their own hot sauce, the best I’ve had in a long time.  (Of course, I took some home:)  The Milanesa he made us was loaded with shaved steak, ham and swiss cheese, and the Mango smoothie was fresh and perfect!

Downtown Frederick Fans

Alfredo is as much a fan of downtown Frederick peeps as they are of him! Alfredo and Narcisa have certainly aquired a following in downtown Frederick, and why not, with the great food and his accommodating personality.  While we were eating a late lunch, Alfredo stepped out to deliver some lunches to a fellow local shop owner.  His staff of talented people keep the place humming 7 days a week.

Alfredo tells me Narcisa is the brains and drive behind the operation.  But Alfredo certainly is the face in front.  He hails from Miami, from a Cuban family, and Narcisa is from Panama.   Narcisa landed at Fort Detrick in the military; Alfredo, a bartender by trade, followed her from Miami.  They decided they loved to cook and they loved to eat, so why not open a restaurant and share the love.

Here’s the best thing, though…B.Y.O.B.  That’s right.  It’s a local Frederick statute; as long as the restaurant owner is ok with it, you can bring your own, but have to leave any open bottles when you’re done.

I know!  Accommodating, like I said.  So if you see me and my hubby dancing the salsa in the front window one night, you’ll know the Jerk sandwich and B.Y.O.B. made a great combination!

506 E Church St
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 760-7736

Check out their website for the menu and tons of pictures of their travels, friends and food.  Watch videos on the TCP Cafe Youtube Chanel.



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