That Cuban Place Is Back!

That Cuban Place, a super Caribbean restaurant in Frederick, Md, and subject of a previous post, is open again!  After way too much time, according to their devoted fans, Alfredo and Narcisa are open again, sharing the love in a new location, at 506 East Church Street in Frederick, just a block from Shab Row. (The old Stateside building) IMO, the new location is a plus, more parking, bigger dining room and easier to get to, so congrats Alfredo and Narcisa!

Dining Out in Frederick Md

Alfredo, TCP Cafe

At TCP Cafe, they’re still making everything from scratch, from the pastries, the ceviche, to the breads and sauces, and my favorite, the mango smoothie ♥. The Caribbean Burger is a plate-ful of wonderful! They deliver free to downtown Frederick and  $25 minimum outside the downtown area.

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Check in to TCP Cafe on Yelp when you’re there and let people know what’s good. See That Cuban Place Cafe website for Daily Specials, Menu, pics, videos, hours and location.

Alfredo:  “Thanks to all our Frederick friends who’ve supported us and continue to do so… you guys are great!”

 The Gift of Hospitality

You know those people, you run into them here and there. They have what many call “The Gift of Hospitality”. When you leave their company, you just feel a little warmer on the inside, you feel loved, there’s no other way to describe it.

Now, combine that gift for loving on people with culinary skill, and you’ve got an awesome combo. You’ve got Alfredo and Narcisa who love on you with food.

When you need a little love from the Cuban and the Panamanian, you know where to go!

Monday thru Friday 5:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday Closed



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