The Carillon Recital in Baker Park December 26

On December 26, as part of the Candlelight Tour of Historic Houses of Worship, there will be a Carillon recital featuring the City Carillonneur John Widmann playing the carillon of 49 bells in Baker Park. The bells will be played each hour for half an hour at 4, 5, and 6pm.

The Joseph D. Baker Memorial Carillon Bell Tower

Here are some cool facts (from Friends of Baker Park) that you might not know about the Baker Park Bell Tower:

Baker Park Bell Tower

Joseph Dill Baker Memorial Carillon Bell Tower

Baker Park Bell Tower

Baker Park Bell Tower

The tower was built in 1941 with 14 bells manufactured in Holland. Over the years there were several additions; 23 bells were added in 1967 and 26 were added in 1995, replacing 5 bells in total. It weighs about 6,000 pounds, presently made up of 49 bells atop a 70-foot granite tower, with a 16 foot square base. The bells, ranging in size from 22 pounds to 3,400 pounds each, are played by fists and feet on a keyboard of batons and pedals. The original bells are stationary and only the clappers move; they weigh 15,000 pounds total, ranging from 185 to 3,500 pounds.

The tower was dedicated to James D. Baker, a Frederick citizen who donated $13,825 to the city for the purchase of land for the park between Bentz Street and West College Terrace. The largest bell bears the inscription: “This tower and carillon have been erected by his friends in loving memory of Joseph Dill Baker 1854 – 1938, whose life was a benediction to this community, 1941”

A weekly carillon recital is played on the Joseph Dill Baker Carillon each Sunday at noon for half an hour. The carillon can be heard from anywhere in Baker Park, and the City Carillonneur, John Widmann can be viewed playing in the tower, which is open during that time.

The Baker Park Bell Tower

Bell Tower in the Fall

The Joseph D. Baker Memorial Carillon Bell Tower is truly the “Jewel in the Crown” of Baker Park.

Happy Holidays! Karen


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