There’s A Gorilla In Town ~ And You Can’t Ignore It

The 800 pound gorilla is in the room, and you can’t ignore it.  According to Pattee Brown, Editor-in-Chief of the new current events magazine “The Frederick Gorilla”, you shouldn’t even try to ignore it, but embrace it.

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Pattee Brown, Editor-in-Chief of The Gorilla

Gorilla, a bi-montly, current events magazine recently in its second issue, is the brain-child of Pattee Brown, a marketing professional and entrepreneur, and president of All Saints Publishing, and her business partner, Harby Tran.  I caught up with Patee for an interview at her Shab Row office to get the scoop about this new publication that’s becoming a Frederick hit.

Who’s Pattee Brown?

You may have heard Pattee on WFMD radio, or seen her name on the inside cover of 270 Inc., a Frederick/Montgomery County business magazine.  If you’ve picked up a copy of Gorilla, you’ve touched a little of Patee’s latest passion.
Pattee’s resume was a mile long and a mile deep,  so let me just give you a “word cloud” to describe Pattee (my blogging friends will love this)…

Pattee Brown Editor-in-chief of The Gorilla

Pattee Brown’s story is a of dynamic person with energy that lends itself to entrepreneurial ventures.  She’s had a hand in a broad spectrum of endeavors, from feeding people sushi and rescuing puppies, to managing a board room.

In 2008, after spending almost a decade in New Mexico, she came back “home” to Frederick.  Originally from New York City, Pattee refers to Frederick as home.  Upon her return, she began her own ad agency and soon after partnered with Harby Tran on the magazine 270Inc.  She became the Editor of that magazine after 2 issues.

After working with Harby on 270Inc, the duo started throwing around the idea of a current events magazine that was focused on Frederick Md.  As the Gorilla moved from concept to reality, they left 270Inc in the competent hands of their business partners and started raising a new baby… a baby Gorilla.

Enter the Gorilla.

The Gorilla is a relevant magazine for all ages, insists Pattee. “I don’t assume young people aren’t interested in current events, I just believe we’re not speaking their language. But the Gorilla is not a magazine for young people alone, it’s for everyone. I just want to draw young people into the public discussion.”

Frederick Md Chamber Event

@Frederick Md Chamber of Commerce Event

Each issue is designed to cover 3 or 4 major discussions, more serious in nature, with several “lighter” topics, like Extreme People, a department that features unusual sports or hobbies, or “Epicuriosity”, a chance to hear Brian Voltagio’s take on food.

Pattee takes a unique approach in deciding what stories to cover by listening to the community through community editorial meetings. The magazine in this way is completely reader-focused, as opposed to driven from a top down agenda.

The philosophy of the Gorilla is to be authentic and honest while respecting each side (and sometimes more sides) of an issue.  The mantra “Seek knowledge, decide for yourself, speak your truth” addresses the need for civil discourse in the public forum.

Pattee’s own editorial style is unorthodox, given her non-traditional training.  “I don’t surround myself with yes-men because I want to cross the line and have someone there who will honestly push me back.  That way we get to real authenticity. Everybody touches each story in some way. I ask them to leave their ego at the door…this is about the reader.”

Authenticity is Refreshing. The opportunity to be informed by respectful discourse is something we are all craving in a world where true journalism is all but dead.  {imho}

“The Gorilla is a glass of wine and a relationship,”  says Pattee, “not a soundbite.”  With the circulation soaring by the second issue, it looks like Frederick is not only welcoming that relationship and but giving the Gorilla a warm embrace.

More Chest Beating…

Upcoming issues of the Gorilla will cover other municipalities of Frederick County.  We look forward to learning about business, life and politics from lots of perspectives around the county.  More food, extreme people, music, current issues and much more to come.

You can read the latest issue in print, get it at designated locations (see the Gorilla website), or get one delivered to your home or business for FREE (see the website).  You can read online, download their APP on your I-Phone or I-Pad and the website will also have online only stories that are published between bi-monthly issues.  So, be sure to get a copy and join in the conversation.

     Best Wishes to Pattee and the Gorilla staff!


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  1. Christy Mossburg

    Great article! I just read my first copy of Gorilla magazine today thanks to Maria Higgins at Unique Optique who let me take her only copy! It’s a great magazine!

  2. Thanks Christy! I really like the magazine too, I think it meets a need in the county. You can sign up to get one free on their website!

  3. What a great article Karen! I love this magazine, so cutting edge. I usually don’t read magazines cover to cover, but with the Gorilla that has changed. I loved the magazine so much I have decided to advertise in it! We will be a distribution site, so feel free to stop by for a free magazine! Your a natural…… really impressed with your article, congrats!

  4. That’s great Vickie! Good choice for advertising:) I’ll be sure to stop in to Frederick Basket for a copy, (and a basket, of course:) thanks for the comment.

  5. Great post. Great idea. There is something to be said for a magazine or newspaper in your hand and a cup of coffee and catching up on local events. Best wishes and bon chance!

  6. Magazines are my weakness, especially free ones! In Louisville we have Today’s Woman which is free at the local grocery stores full of great information. I think it is smart of Pattee to consider what the readers actually want to read, especially all generations which do not like to read the same things. Gorilla even has an app. *sigh* You are lucky to have interviewed such a forward-thinking entrepreneur. Love the article!

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  8. Well said Allen, Thanks for the kind words. Lynda, I know what you mean about magazines:) Thanks for the comments!

  9. Great representation of Frederick!

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