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Want to Beef Up Your Writing Skills?

We all write, whether it is for our businesses, for our jobs, in emails, or for something as innocuous as a Facebook status. I’ll wager that we, as a society, write much more often than we did, say 30 years ago, when we didn’t all have personal computers or smartphones. I’m always aware of my need to sharpen my communication skills. That’s why I found this really interesting:

Write Directions Institute

Based out of Cowork Frederick, located at 122 E Patrick Street in downtown Frederick, this series of classes will provide learning experiences about all-things-writing, from taking a book from the idea stage to market, to self-publishing, to how libraries choose books, copyright law, technical writing, even how to become better at turning a phrase, and more. Classes begin March 24 and will continue throughout the year. Write Directions Institute is the brainchild of these two ladies:

Beth Mende Conny is the founder of Write Directions Institute, and president of Write Directions. Beth is a published author, who coaches, teaches, co-writes and finds every possible way to encourage and celebrate the art of writing.

Julia Ferguson has 21 years of experience in IT, but can’t be pigeon-holed…she has business experience that spans real estate investing, song-writing (and yes, singing, too), speaking at various conferences and a number of business ventures, that latest of which is co-founding Cowork Frederick with her husband Glen.

Whether you’ve had a secret desire to try your hand at writing the next great American novel, or you want to learn to write better for your job or business, or you simply want to get better at all written communication, check out some of the offerings at Write Directions Institute:

  • I Have a Great Idea for a Book – Now What?
  • Write a Book, Build Your Business
  • Self-Publishing 101
  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Copyright Law – What All Writers Must Know
  • Become a Better Writer

Check out Write Directions website for all the det’s.

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