We Found Him! A Story About Reconnecting…And Finding a Fabulous Cleaning Company

We Found Our Old Insurance Agent Again!

I know, it’s not what you’d expect in the “exciting news” category… but we were excited! We’d lost touch with one of the best guys we had ever done business with. For about 8 years. So, needless to say, when we ran into Steve behind a booth at the Frederick County Real Estate Trade Show, we had to do a double-take.

Most of the professionals I’ve had experience with in my adult life will probably fall into the category of “not very memorable”. I mean no offence, but you have to buy insurance from someone… and its not the sexiest purchase. Not very memorable. But Steve was. (Memorable, I mean)  🙂

Service Can Be Memorable

I first met Steve The-Insurance-Guy via a phone conversation. He was selling insurance and somehow called me to see if he could sell me some. He was nice as I explained my recent two accidents that had landed me with the state insurance program… you know, that expensive program that has to take people. Steve said he would call back in two years when the points on my license would fall off, as long as I didn’t have a repeat of any like incidents.  [I’m reformed in my driving habits, but that’s a different blog post].

And he did. That was enough to sell us on Steve and his insurance. It’s nice to be remembered. And he kept remembering us. Every year or two, Steve would call and let us know how we could save money on our insurance. We loved Steve!Scene Clean

And then Steve disappeared. Long story short… his company was bought by someone… he really tried… but couldn’t tolerate the high pressure… the lack of integrity… or the culture… Steve left. And because of non-compete issues, he couldn’t contact anyone. *sigh*

Fast Forward 8 Years…

Walking through the trade show, we heard our names being called and had to look twice… who do we see but Steve Our-Insurance-Guy, standing behind the booth for Scene Clean, a commercial and residential cleaning company. We found him again!

We’re happy to connect with Steve again, and we’re happy to connect with a commercial and residential cleaning company… certainly a service we need to recommend at times. Here’s the truth, I don’t even have to know anything about Scene Clean to know that it is a great company. We know that Steve is one of those people that will only be involved with companies that operate with integrity.

Nevertheless, I have learned some great things about his new employer:

Scene Clean

Scene Clean has been in operation for about 6 years, owned and operated by Patrick Heidenberg. Scene Clean’s services include:

  • Residential cleaning, including carpets, upholstery, rugs and natural surfaced floors, like hardwoods and stone.
  • Leather Treatment
  • Commercial cleaning services including carpet cleaning and janitorial services.
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Pet Stain Removal – and YES, that includes cat urine cleanup!
  • Spot Removal

And they guarantee their work.

Scene Clean is based in Walkersville Maryland, and covers Frederick County, and parts of Washington, Howard, Montgomery and Carroll Counties.

The Instructive Part of this Experience…

If we’d had social media to connect with people back then, we wouldn’t have lost Steve. We would have followed him without violating any non-compete legaleze. So now, we’ve connected with Steve on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We won’t lose Steve again! If you like the integrity and service you get from any professional or business owner… make sure you connect with them on Social Media.

Scene Clean on Facebook, 240-575-5802 or Toll Free 800-893-5021, or check out the Scene Clean website

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