Welcoming Start-Up Businesses in Frederick Md

Welcoming Start-Up Businesses in Frederick Md

According to Paul Wilson, Organizer of Frederick Start-up Community, a Meetup group, Frederick is a great community with potential to be a good location for start-ups. In fact, that awareness is what he is hoping to achieve through the meetup group, to stimulate conversation about the possibilities to encourage startups here. With 125 members in the meetup group, there seems to be agreement that our lovely city can attract new business, especially tech businesses.Frederick Startup Community

According to Paul, entrepreneur and software developer, technical jobs are not plentiful in Frederick County, and the jobs that exist don’t command the salaries that similar jobs do in Montgomery County and places south, or Baltimore and places east.

The 2010 census showed that 89% of the workforce in Frederick commuted by car, with an average commute time of 30 minutes. Although the exact statistics aren’t known, this suggests that a large number of those workers are commuting out of the county for work.

What is a Startup?

There are many opinions of what it means to be a startup. Two of the more often quoted definitions are:

“A startup is a temporary organization used to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.” – Steve Blank

“A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” – Eric Ries

These definitions may apply to any business but typically apply to a business in its first stages of operations. These companies are often initially financed by their entrepreneurial founders as they attempt to capitalize on developing a product or service that meets a market demand.

Whatever definition you choose to follow, many who are invested in startup support, believe that the full definition also stretches to include a certain culture, or attitude. This culture tends to include a less formal environment in the work place. Startups are more casual in many respects, to promote efficiency. Usually the people involved are motivated by the task at hand and passionate about the potential to create something great with the company, eliminating the need for more traditional, formal structures.

Tech Startups

According to the Kauffman Foundation Research Organization, the tech sector, and the information and communication technology (ITC) sectors have contributed more to new business formation than any other industries in the last three decades.

“During the last three decades, the high-tech sector
was 23 percent more likely, and ICT 48 percent
more likely than other sectors as a whole to
witness a new business formation.”

The report also shows that in the last three decades, tech startup hubs have dispersed throughout the country, to include more and more smaller communities, as well as the original large metropolitan areas, and traditional tech areas like Silicon Valley.

So why not Frederick?

Frederick Startup Community

That’s what the folks in the Frederick Startup Community are exploring. The Meetup group is conducting “Startup Talks” monthly at Cowork Frederick, 122 East Patrick St. in Frederick. The community is for those involved in, interested in, or curious about startups and startup activity in the Frederick area. The primary focus in on technology-related startups, but others are welcome as well.

Welcoming start up businesses in Frederick Md

What is the Difference Between A Startup and A Small Business?

The aim of the startup community is to raise awareness of startups, to bring together information, and to build a collaborative community to support startups. The time may be here for welcoming start-up businesses in Frederick Md.  For further reading: The Differences Between a Small Business and A Startup (photo credit)

If startups interest you in any way, come and check it out:

Next Meetup:  Wednesday, March 19th

This month’s speaker is Greg Cangialosi, co-founder of Betamore, a Baltimore based urban campus for technology and entrepreneurship. Betamore is an accelerator/incubator, an award-winning company less than 2 years old, but with great beginnings. The meeting is at 7 pm, at Cowork Frederick, 122 East Patrick Street, in Frederick.

More About Startups

Some good resources for further information and research, thank you Paul Wilson:

BUT Wait, There’s More:

Cowork Frederick Launches Start-up/Stay-up

Cowork Frederick, a collaborative coworking space in Frederick, is launching a monthly education and support series called Start-up/Stay-up. The first session in the series will be on March 19th, from 3 to 6 pm. The series will offer education, consultation and networking opportunities for new and existing business owners.

March 19th the first event will begin with an educational talk, followed by 30 minute consultation sessions with business experts. All events will follow a similar format. The schedule goes as follows:

3-4 pm:  How to Read contracts, A Business Owner’s Guide to Legalese

4-6 pm:  One-on-one consultations:

  • Matthew S. Johnston, Attorney
  • Brett Hess, Accountant
  • Kimba Green, Marketing and Social Media
  • John Laughlin, Entrepreneur

The cost of the Start-Up/Stay-Up are events are $49, with discounts to Cowork members. The events are planned to coincide with the Frederick Startup Community “Start-up Talks”, which will take place from 7 to 9 pm, following a free networking happy hour, from 6 to 7 pm.

Learn more at the Cowork Frederick website.

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